Thursday, June 25, 2009


Wow, what a day ... Farrah and Michael both gone ... an icon of the 70s and one of the 80s. I was never a huge fan of either, but still ... wow.

Anyhow, the idea with this blog is that I want to review some things - mostly minicomics - but also sometimes movies, TV, and music. There are no rules I'm imposing on myself to begin with, but I want to try to post at least a couple times per week.

My goals are to get some writing practice (I am a former professional journalist, so it's not like I don't know how to lay down some wordage, but it's good to keep sharp) and to promote some creations I really believe in.

If I said the word "minicomics" to 98% percent of the people I know, they would have no idea to what I was referring. I don't expect to change that anytime soon, but I'd like to do what I can to link willing reader with what I think is some Good Stuff. I know I appreciate being "turned on" to good work by other bloggers, so I figured I could at least try to "pay it forward" a bit.

I'm just figuring out this blogger platform ... I've used LiveJournal before, but this is new to me. I'm planning to get things set up, do about 5 reviews of comics I own to start things off, and then try to solicit (and buy when I've gotta) some other work to review. At some point, I'll post my contact info.

Thanks to anyone who engages in reading and/or commenting here. Love ya!

EDIT: To add, if you have any minicomics you'd like reviewed, please e-mail me at for my address.

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