Saturday, March 20, 2010

{{{Pokes head out of hole!}}}

I'm still alive, and I have had plans to re-start this blog for some time. Real life, as folks say, got in the way, and I'm now going through a move and having to find a new job (oh, the life of a contract worker!). Still ...

Part of the reason this blog kind of died, too, was that I ran out of stuff to review. A few people sent me things, and I guess I can still do some of those. On the plus side, Stumptown Comics Fest is coming up next month, and I'm sure to score a bunch of minis there, so I'll have a fresh stack.

Anyhow, if anyone still cares, I am hoping to (a) update this blog soon and more regularly, and (b) start a new blog on a completely different subject/set of subjects ... something to do with how life's changed in the period of my lifetime (the past 43 years) and how some of us might like to see it change.

If you're still reading, thanks!


  1. we'll send you a mini to review if you're starting the site back up

  2. Sooooo where should we mail the anthologies to?